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Career Counselor Services....

Having a Career Coach can show support when you need someone to be there for you. Being able to give you structure and accountability to develop and achieve your goals. Services consist of one on one consultations.

Your career growth is long term process, whether you understand it or not, actually begins when you were born. There are some element that affect your career progress, including your capabilities, interest, personality, values and circumstances.

Are you looking for a career coach?  While there are many cause to seek out a coach. Career coaches typically assist people to enter or re- enter the workforce. By tutoring individuals on their resumes, interview skills, and development. If you're looking for a new job or simply looking to enhance your skills then hiring a career coach can help. The big question is:  How much does a career coach cost?

When it comes to appointing a career coach, cost depends on a few different factors. Career coaching fees vary significantly from coach to coach, and are generally based on the coach's experience, background and training.

Below you will find general service fees, we do offer career group services as well upon request.


Happiness! It's quite difficult to narrate without actually using the word, isn't it? We've all experienced it and, well, the majority of us seek to be happy again. For years, it's been our right to go after happiness; to experience pleasure and enjoy a happy cheerful life. A happiness coach is someone who assists individuals attains a greater perspective about their life. Eventually, they help clients enhance their sense of contentedness. People say, the most difficult thing to find in life is happiness. You won't find it on social media. You surely won't find it in an online sale. But you will discover it in a person and that person is you. Because when your thoughts are cheerful then you are satisfied and filled with happiness. Moreover, with the help of a happiness coach, you will see that desire of happiness if possible.

Basic Introductory Package

A 60 minute 1 on 1 consultation via phone or zoom to discuss your goals and to establish direction.


Standard Brainstorming Package

2 Hour (2 sessions)  1 on 1 consultation includes Basic Package and to outline direction and strength assessments. 


Fulfillment Premium Package

3 Hour (3 sessions) 1 on 1 consultation includes Basic package, Standard Package and includes career exploration, interviewing skills, and creative strategies.